Multiguard Corporation waVideoGuardLog1s recently awarded the contract to provide electronic security for logging operations in southern Indiana. Utilizing our VideoGuard Surveillance system we are able to provide security in remote locations where power and communications infrastructure is non existent.  With the threat of Eco-terrorism and vandalism, the state of Indiana has previously purchased guard services to monitor the logging sites during nights, weekends and holidays. The logging process can take 3-6 months so the cost savings of utilizing the VideoGuard system over human guards is significant. It’s estimated that Indiana tax payers have saved tens of thousands of dollars by using the VideoGuard system.

VideoGuard by Multiguard Corporation, is a completely wireless video surveillance systems that transmits video to the Multiguard Alarm Monitoring Center when intruders are detected. After the video alarm has been verified, authorities are then dispatched for further investigation. This product is the only security system endorsed by the national Sheriffs association and has proven to be very effective. Unlike traditional video surveillance systems, VideoGuard alerts authorities of crimes in progress with verifiable video evidence.

View a small sample of our VideoGuard apprehension videos by clicking here.