With nearly 40 years of experience optimizing security for public sector clients, Multiguard has the knowledge and expertise to design, build, and integrate  state-of-the-art  systems perfectly tailored to your needs.

We understand the unique challenges of large enterprises and government entities. We stand ready to help you in all of your security and life-safety needs.


Advanced Access Control Solutions for enterprise and government facilities. Complete integration of Access Control, Video Surveillance, Visitor Management, Photo ID Badging, and Intrusion Detection Systems provides your guard force with the information they need to secure your facility.

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Advanced Fire Alarm Systems custom engineered to your exact specifications. Our addressable systems are cost effective and scalable for any sized business. Our design and installation staff are NICET certified to ensure you receive the highest quality installation and in compliance with applicable fire codes. Our systems are scaleable from 50 points to 50,000 points and provide advanced features such as integrated voice-evacuation and campus wide fire alarm integration.

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Multiguard intrusion detection systems are designed with principles such as “Security In Layers”. Our systems are easy to use and protect your enterprise while you are away.

Advanced features such as centralized code management and system programming make our systems easy to manage in larger installations. Detected alarms may be communicated to on-site guard forces or to our UL Listed/FM Approved Alarm Monitoring Center. Request More Information

We offer the latest in advanced IP and video analytic surveillance technology. Network Video Recorders utilizing IP cameras with High-Definition image resolutions are the standard today, and Multiguard has been a leader in this market. Multiguard was among the first to recognize the need and bring these products to our clients. Request More Information
Video monitoring technology has vastly improved in recent years. Multiguard is pleased to offer the most advanced video monitoring products available. These systems provide detection capabilities indoors, outdoors, and where power and communications infrastructure aren’t available.

Video alarm events are reviewed by our alarm monitoring center to determine if there is an actual alarm and the appropriate actions are taken. Request More Information

Multiguard has more than 36 years of experience in all aspects of system design, installation, commissioning, physical security and threat assessments, and security systems integration.  We have in-house AutoCAD capabilities to produce system designs and as-built documents, and are board certified in security management.  Our design professionals are NICET certified, board certified protection professionals (CPP), and Physical Security Professionals (PSP).

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