Most commercial fire alarm systems transmit their signal via dedicated telephone lines that your business has to pay for month after month and that are susceptible to outages or disabling like any other phone line.  Recognizing the need for more secure and economical fire alarm monitoring services, Multiguard developed the first and only UL-listed wireless alarm monitoring system in the state of Indiana that uses a single communications solution: FireLink. 

Code Compliant Wireless Communications

The National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA-72) requires that all commercial fire alarm systems employ multiple communications pathways between the facility and a central monitoring station.  Most systems meet that requirement by using two dedicated telephone lines or a dedicated telephone line plus a celemetry radio.  Both of those options represent a significant ongoing cost and both are still susceptible to failure. FireLink provides a redundant communications pathway for reliable alarm monitoring without the need of phone lines or internet connections.


U.L. Listed Primary Fire Alarm Communications
NO Phone lines or Internet connections required
Save $1,000 Per Year/Per Building

FireLink Radio Services

  • NO Phone Lines Required
  • NO Internet Connections Required
  • U.L. Approved
  • NFPA Compliant
  • Digital Mesh Radio
  • Self Healing Network Architecture
  • Multi-Path Network
  • Compatible with any system

Digital Mesh Network

To offer a fail-safe alarm reporting option and to help cut costs significantly, Multiguard designed FireLink as our proprietary fire alarm monitoring service.  FireLink is a multi-path, two-way encrypted digital radio unit that uses Multiguard’s own private radio mesh network.  Each FireLink radio communicator has multiple, dynamic, constantly monitored routes from the facility to the central station.  As a wireless alarm monitoring system, FireLink does not require any telephone lines, cell units, or other communicators on your premises.  FireLink is NFPA-72 compliant for primary fire alarm reporting and, when combined with our Alarm Monitoring Services, it is the safest, most reliable, best value system on the market.