Maintaining security and fire safety equipment and verifying government and industry compliance can generate volumes of paperwork and uncertainty about building safety.  When you trust Multiguard with your facility inspections and security system maintenance, these concerns are completely eliminated.


scannobackOur engineers and technicians use state-of-the-art handheld devices that scan the barcode, providing time-stamped verification that the unit was inspected and when. The inspector writes reports and inspection findings in the scanning device, generating real-time web-based reporting about your most critical systems.
Our inspection system assigns a unique barcode to each of your security and fire safety devices and components. This allows for the tracking of each device so its location, history, and service records are recorded.


Our inspection system gives you secure access to data and reports about each of your devices.  Our web-based system is easy to navigate, and provides such information as manufacturer and model number of components, dates of installation, and most recent inspection reports.  The system also generates automatic notifications when one of your components is listed in a manufacturer recall notice, as well as notifying you when code changes impact your security system.

Your data is secured on our network, and completely searchable and retrievable for five years.  The system is easy to use and intuitive.  You can build detailed reports for specific tasks or requirements, and use your data to manage maintenance workflow without needing separate tracking software.

Our inspection system is fully code-compliant, meets or exceeds all NFPA, UL, OSHA, and NIOSH requirements, and has passed a rigorous third party verification process conducted by industry experts.

We go above and beyond industry standards in performing inspections because we are committed to your safety and security, and to relieving the burden of code compliance and system maintenance for your organization.

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