Revolutionary Video Security System

This totally wireless video intrusion detection system utilizes wireless motion viewers that have a specially designed video camera integrated within. When motion is detected, a 10 second video clip is sent via the cellular network to our alarm monitoring station where it is viewed by our staff. A quick determination is made as to whether the event is an actual alarm or not and the appropriate action is taken.

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System Features

  • Completely Wireless
  • Requires NO Power
  • Requires NO Phone Lines
  • Battery powered up to 4 years
  • Up to 24 cameras per system
  • Works Indoors & Outdoors
  • -20° to 140° Fahrenheit (Outdoor Model)
  • Endorsed by National Sheriffs Association
  • Integrates with existing Security Systems
  • Reduce or Eliminate False Alarm Fines
  • Cameras Operate in Total Darkness
  • Less costly than traditional surveillance systems
  • Priority alarm dispatch

Designed for Extreme Conditions

The wireless outdoor motion viewer is rated to operate in temperatures from -20°to140° Fahrenheit. This makes it perfectly suited for protection of outdoor assets and unoccupied structures such as HVAC Equipment, Construction Equipment, Cell Towers, Vacant Buildings, Foreclosed Properties and Power Utility Infrastructure.

Protect Infrastructure

The copper theft epidemic costs over 1 Billion Dollars in losses every year. Thieves typically target vacant buildings or structures that are difficult to secure, often without power or communication lines. Traditional video surveillance systems simply document the theft, for review at a later date. The Multiguard Video Alarm Monitoring Solution results in immediate notification and verification of an alarm in progress.

Completely Portable

Because the system has been designed to be completely wireless, the motion viewers may be re-positioned as needed. Once the project is completed, the entire system can be moved to the next job, securing your assets and protecting your profits.